In our download-area you can find our newest product-folders all about hotel equipment. From lamps and safes to minibars and welcome trays - you can check out our whole product range in pdf-file in addition to the website. 

If you would like to receive the folders in printed form, please contact us: tel. +43 7229 66360 or e-mail to

Have fun in checking out our product range!


Outdoor 2019

Kreuzer Equipmentfolder

Kreuzer Outdoor Lighting 2018

Kreuzer ECO Greenstar Safe

Kreuzer ECO Greenstar Minibar

Minibars "line suite"

Kreuzer Spiegelfolder

Kreuzer Kreditkartennummern-Code-Safe


Kreuzer Fönfolder

Kreuzer Schlüsselsafe Folder

Kreuzer LED Spiegel Folder


Kreuzer Duschwände

Kreuzer Handtuchwärmer

Kreuzer Welcome Trays

Kreuzer Badhocker

Kreuzer Bad-Accessories

Kreuzer Abfallsysteme